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Data Mining- a Mathematical Application |

Renu Rathee, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Inthis paper we have depicted the various mathematical models based on the themeson data mining. The numerical representations of regression and linear modelshave been explained. We have also shown the prediction of datum in the light ofstatistical approaches namely probabilistic approach, data estimation anddispersion theory. The paper also deals with the efficient generation of sharedkeys required for direct communication among co-processors without activeparticipation of server. Hence minimization of time-complexity, properutilization of resource as well as environment for parallel computing can beachieved with higher throughput in secured fashion. The techniques involved arecryptic methods based support analysis, confidence rule, resource mining,sequence mining and feature extraction. A new approach towards realizingvariability concept of key in Wide - Mouth Frog Protocol, Yahalom Protocol andSKEY Protocol has been depicted in this context.