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Study of Different Types of Queries In Sequential Multi Dimensions Database |

Pradeep Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A wide range of database applications manage time-varying data. Incontrast, existing database technology provides little support for managingsuch data. The research area of temporal databases aims to change this state ofaffairs by characterizing the semantics of temporal data and providingexpressive and efficient ways to model, store, and query temporal data. Itconcisely introduces fundamental temporal database concepts, surveysstate-of-the-art solutions to challenging aspects of temporal data management.Applications such as these rely on temporal databases, which record timereferenced data. Temporal database management is a vibrant field of research.Temporal Database manipulations are effective based on life span time. Thispaper illustrates the graphical representation of the temporal databasemanipulations in terms of visual query with LSA. The Life Span Analyzer (LSA)provides the effective results on temporal manipulations It also explains thesemantics, Patterns and Visual Query Operators.