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Behavioral Analysis of Single Unit System With Server Failure |

Bablesh, Govil Jindal, Pardeep Goel, V. Gupta, Jai Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The Reliability model for a single unit system with server failure  is developed in which unit fails completely either directly from normal mode or via partial failure. A single server is provided immediately to the system which is subject to failure during inspection and repair of the unit. Repair of the unit is done at its partial failure and complete failure. If repair of the unit is not feasible, it is replaced by new one in order to avoid unnecessary expenses on repair. Priority Is given to the treatment of the server upon failure over repair of the unit.The repair of the unit, treatment of the server and switch devices are considered as perfect. Using the Regenerative Point Graphical Technique (RPGT)the following system characteristics have been evaluated to study the system performance.Mean Time To System Failure (MTSF).,Total fraction of time for which the system is available,The busy period of the Server doing any given job,the number of the Server’s visits. The profit analysis of the system is also carried out by using some of the system characteristics as mentioned above. Graphs are drawn to depict the behavior of the MTSF and Steady state Availability of the system for a particular case.