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A Review on Phase Change Material (PCM) Heat Exchanger with Spiral-Wired Tubes | Original Article

Shivendra Singh*, N. K. Sagar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The current rapid economic growth, demands for energy are progressively increasing. Energy shortages have attracted significant attention due to the shrinking availability of non-renewable resources. Therefore, thermal energy storage is one of the solutions that lead to saving of fossil fuels and make systems more cost-effective by the storage of wasted thermal energy. In particular, the application of phase change materials (PCMs) is considered as an effective and efficient approach to thermal energy storage because of the high latent heat storage capacity at small temperature intervals. Present research is study in effect of heat transfer rate of spiral wired tube heat exchanger when PCM is used as energy storage medium. In the present study, the PCM will be mixed nanoparticles such as Al2O3 in order to enhance the performance of the spiral wired tube heat exchanger. Complete study will be carried out analytically using simulation tools and software to get the results.