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A Review on Thermal Transport and Fluid Flow in High-Temperature Porous Media Solar Thermochemical Reactor | Original Article

Vikram Malviya*, N. K. Sagar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


At the present time, a high-temperature focused solar-driven thermochemical reacting system for hydrogen and syngas production has been an effective different to fossil fuels to tackle energy problems and climate change. The research and development of concentrated solar radiation utilization as a heat source to induce high-temperature raw materials conversion into fuels accessible has attracted tremendous interests worldwide. Integrating porous media in the solar reactor has become the concentration in current years for the thermal performance improvement of solar thermochemical reacting system. This research will be working on thermal analysis performance of thermochemical reactor system. Different cases of porosity, inlet velocity of fluid medium and intensity of solar irradiance will be considered during the analysis.