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A Review on Design of Diagrid Structural System for High Rise Steel Buildings | Original Article

Shivansha Shrivastava*, J. N. Vyas, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In the current time, diagrid structural system is being approved in giant constructions due to its physical effectiveness and elasticity in architectural development. Diagrids are referred as Diagonalized grid structures that have arose as one of the utmost pioneering and adjustable methods in constructing buildings. Dissimilarities of the diagrid system have changed to the extent of making its use non-exclusive to the high-rise building. Diagrid building is also to be prevailed in a range of advanced mid-rise steel projects. The advantages of this system thus even outweigh the disadvantages which are specifically complexity in design, construction of nodes and high cost of the structure. Therefore studies related to a structure of this kind which has a huge scope in future are high.