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Analysis of Sports Competition Anxiety, EGO and Task Orientation among Calicut, MG and Kerala University Men Kho-Kho Players | Research Letter

Yadu Chand S.*, A. Praveen, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The aim of the investigation was to find out the relationship between anxiety, and ego of inter university Kho-Kho players. For the study 36 subjects were selected using purposive random sampling method from Calicut, MG, and Kerala university Kho-Kho players from inter university Kho-Kho tournament which was held at annamalai university. 12 players were randomly selected from each University. Sports competition anxiety questionnaire were issued to the subjects and questions were explained as per there state local language for avoiding the data error. Four kinds of psychological parameter data were collected from each subject which is sports competition anxiety and ego. Collected were used for analysing one way anova in spss 20th version. Result: psychological parameters such as anxiety, ego and task orientation showing significant difference.