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Efficient Bus Monitoring System using the Simulation and Real-Time Mobile Device GPS System | Original Article

Darshan Ingle*, Ali Akbar Bagwan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The use of mobile devices has become a part of our daily routine. Tracking the buses using Mobile GPS system is very efficient to use and handle in daily basis. The mobile base Bus Tracking system is very cost effective and it is using the less resources in user side for execution. The Bus Tracking System are widely used as compared with the previous years. The concept of Bus Tracking System can be viewed as a real Buses acting as nodes in network where these nodes are traced in real on Google Map in order to form the mobile network. Therefore Bus Tracking System is a dynamic mobile System. The distributed architecture is completely based on this methodologies called as Bus Tracking System. The main focus of our work is on GPS. There is need of accurate estimation of Bus location. There are many research solutions proposed recently for efficient estimation of Bus Locations and position, but suffered from the limitations of scalability and efficiency. In this project, we proposed novel approach for location estimation called B-T-S based on current GPS methodology. We first designed novel GPS based location estimation method. Self-correction is performed in order to minimize the location errors by learning and correcting network topology scenarios.