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Administration of Justice In Pre-British India |

Gurpal Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


thevery article aims at Administration of justice in pre-British India in political context. Societies in ancient Indiawere governed by 'moral law': it was not 'law' as we understand it today, sinceit did not owe its origin to the command of any sovereign, nor was there- anyhabit of obedience to a determinate person. In ancient India, 'law' was thatwhich was believed to have been ordained by a Divine Author. It was more likewhat the Romans calIed jus receptum-law by acceptance. In ancient India, theprincipal source of ‘law’ (in this sense) was the smritis. 'Smriti' meantliteralIy 'that which was remembered': the recolIections handed down by therishis (or sages of antiquity), of the precepts of God.