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A Study on the Various Aspects of Strategic Human Research Management and Its Significance |

Prof. Dr. G D Singh Marwaha, Dr. Neetu Singh Marwah, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This paper examines the relationship between Static Human ResourceManagement practices and firms’ performance. Recently, the study of therelationship between SHRM practices and firms’ performance has shifted fromstudying individual practices and their influence on organizational performanceto studying the entire SHRM system and its influence on organizationalperformance. Different models and theories in SHRM literature exist that triesto explain this relationship. Measures of performance as the dependent variablevary as identified by different authors. They fall generally into twocategories, that is financial and non-financial measures. Divergent opinionexists as what constitutes SHRM practices as linked with performance in variousstudies. Contribution of synergetic relationship among SHRM practices toorganizational performance, need to be explored and measures generated. Finallythe paper develops a conceptual framework that links Human Resource Managementpractices and firms performance.