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An Assessment of Wireless Lan Intended For System Monitoring |

Dr. Shailendra Singh Sikarwar, Mahesh Bansal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Wireless Communication is an application of science andtechnology that has come to be vital for modern existence. From the early radioand telephone to current devices such as mobile phones and laptops, accessingthe global network has become the most essential and indispensable part of ourlifestyle. Wireless communication is an ever developing field, and the futureholds many possibilities in this area. One expectation for the future in thisfield is that, the devices can be developed to support communication withhigher data rates and more security. Research in this area suggests that adominant means of supporting such communication capabilities will be throughthe use of Wireless LANs. As the deployment of Wireless LAN increases wellaround the globe, it is increasingly important for us to understand differenttechnologies and to select the most appropriate one. This paper provides a detailed study of the availablewireless LAN technologies and the concerned issues ,will give a briefdescription of what wireless LANs are ,the need of Wireless LAN ,History ofwireless LAN , advantages of Wireless Networks ,with summarizing the relatedwork on WLAN in academic area , Wireless LAN technologies , some risks attacksagainst wireless technologies , suggesting some recommendations to protectwireless LAN network from attack , Finally we propose some research issuesshould be focused on in the future.