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Production and Process Optimization in Manufacturing | Original Article

Raktate Omesh Uttamrrao*, Vinay Chandra Jha, Mohan B. Vanarotti, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The VSM, Plant Layout, FFMEA, AHP, and FQFD are all included in this all-encompassing model. To measure the efficacy of product and process improvement in a rolling mill, we provide an integrated model based on FMEA-FQFD and CEA-FDM-FAHPFTOPSIS. The model is helpful in identifying which aspects of the process and deliverables must be optimized to provide the optimum experience for the consumer. We show that the new integrated strategy eliminates the most frequent barriers previously stated in the literature when it comes to choosing the right lean tools. How the prioritized lean tools might contribute to efficiency monitoring and enhancement is also discussed. Companies involved in the production of silk should strive toward standardizing each step of the process. The suggested CEA-FDM-FAHP-FTOPSIS-FQFD-based integrated model not only aids in prioritizing failure modes of the detected products, but it also helps in finding the suitable lean tools for improving the manufacturing process or the quality of the final product.