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A Roadmap to Industry Based Curriculum in Higher Education Through Public-Private Partnership Model | Review Article

Vibhanshu .*, Ruchi Rayat, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Higher education in any country plays an important role in nation building. Education system has a social agenda to develop its human resource in a better way to meet the requirements of society. Several reforms were introduced to promote quality in higher education and make education accessible to every society. The continuous amendments in education policies are required to meet the present expectations of industry. The traditional approach of rote learning and memory level teaching shall not work out in the modern times where the requirements of industry are changing frequently. There is a need of an hour for the higher institutions to shift their approach from academic based curriculum to industry-based curriculum. Many higher education institutions are struggling to provide quality, affordable education and research to its end users. Thus, a collaborative approach needs to be followed in the form of public-private partnership model for facilitating practical learning in higher institutions and preparing the future budding managers to bridge the gap between skills required to meet industry expectations and the skills they possess. The aim of this paper is to explore about the PPP model for promoting industry-based curriculum in academics. The study is purely secondary in nature followed with exploratory research-design for giving a broader view on implementation of PPP model in higher institutions. The present study provides an integrated process through which the effectiveness and working of PPP model is well-explained.