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Academic Libraries’ Obstacles and Problems During Covid-19 pandemic: Librarians’ Response to Service Model | Original Article

Naseem Raza*, Dharampal ., in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This research articles explore about problems and obstacles faced by academic librarians due to covid-19 outbreak through analysing of multiple data volumes. Covid-19 outbreak raised multiple problems not only for entire society but also for academic librarians, to explore the pattern of obstacles and problems which were faced by academic librarian a survey approach was utilized to get data needed for the current research paper. The Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on how all associations and institutions operated, which led to the emergence of numerous issues and challenges that human had never before faced, similarly academic librarians also faced many problems such as total shut down of academic libraries, budget constraint, problems in collection development, mentally health of library employees, providing standard services during covid-19 outbreak and many more. In response to these obstacles and problem academic librarians adopted new approach to provide standard services to library patrons. The outcome of this research will definitely help the academic librarians to deal the situation like SARS 2 pandemic in the future.