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The Impact of Big Data on Statistical Analysis Methods | Original Article

Bimarsh Jha*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Big data's revolutionary effects on statistical analysis are the subject of this dissertation, which also examines the cutting-edge methods and strategies required to realize its full potential and overcome its inherent challenges. The materials and approach engaged with involving enormous information for the factual examination have been talked about in this part. As far as materials, large information alludes to immense, confounded datasets that are regularly excessively tremendous for customary information handling methods to deal with. When dealing with massive amounts of data, distributed technologies and systems like Hadoop and Spark are frequently utilized. The scalability and parallel processing capability of big data technology are crucial to statistical analysis. The impact of big data on statistical analysis techniques is the subject of secondary analysis. The inclusion of big data in statistical analysis methods has revolutionized the field of data analysis.