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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Society | Original Article

Sannidhi Agarwal*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The advent of artificial intelligence (AI), often known as the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0), will affect not just our day-to-day activities and social interactions, but also our understanding of who we are. Artificial intelligence, however, has a profound effect on the way we go about our daily lives and connect with one another. Keep an eye on the progress of AI to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of this new kind of intelligence. This idea is linked to the concept that AI should display intelligent behaviour. Prior to this, only humans were allowed there. Artificial intelligence (AI) can act autonomously in a variety of contexts and solve complex issues without human intervention. The way people think about the development of artificial intelligence has changed drastically as a result. There are many facets of modern life in which artificial intelligence is rapidly progressing. There are many potential applications for artificial intelligence, including healthcare and the creation of game-changing technology like autonomous cars. There have been good and bad results from AI's entrance into society. The major purpose of this study is to examine the effects of AI on society and the difficulties AI faces.