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The Evolution of Aircraft Engines | Original Article

Prashast Sharma*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This compact systematic study here is conducted here to know the evolution of the engines of aircraft. This study follows with several points that are included in the next parts. The aviation industry has been shaped by the remarkable journey of technological advancements and innovation that has taken place during the evolution of aircraft engines. It investigates how advancements in engine performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability are influenced by changes in materials, design, and manufacturing procedures. The impact of engine evolution on aircraft safety, dependability, and economic considerations for the aviation industry are also discussed in the analysis. The findings highlight potential future directions for continued innovation and contribute to a deeper comprehension of the factors that have influenced the evolution of aircraft engines. This study sheds light on the technological advancements that have propelled aircraft engine research forward and added to the existing body of knowledge.