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Differentiation, Extinction, and Rare in the Environment in Medicinal and Flowering Plants of Sidhi M.P., India | Original Article

Shashi Singh*, A P. Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Many botanists have taken an interest in the area of Thrace due to the rich flora that has developed there as a direct consequence of the region's diverse climate and geographical characteristics.Numerous floristic observations were used for this investigation. The study region is home to a number of rare or endangered plant species. Heavy biotic pressure, habitat loss, megaprojects, overexploitation, trade value, overgrazing, and aggressive invasion of alien species are all threats to the Sidhi district's phytodiversity to varying degrees. Thirty-seven plant species are listed here as being either endangered or unusual. The current state of all 37 plant species in the research region, as well as their scientific and common names, as well as their red data category, are listed. The preservation of many of these plant species is an urgent matter. It's really concerning that endangered creatures are in need of increasing amounts of help. Sanjay Dubri Wild Life Sanctuary in Sidhi district is home to a number of rare and endangered plant species, which are highlighted in the current research.