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The Future of Blockchain Technology | Original Article

Arshiya Sharma*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Blockchain, the next generation of the Internet, has already made a significant impact in the realtime operations of the financial sector over the past decade. Cryptocurrency, the Internet of Things (IoT), financial services, etc. all benefit from its robust set of tools, which facilitate the cross-pollination of these and other technologies. Decentralization long-term reliability are the two most crucial aspects of Blockchain technologies. Despite the fact that Blockchain Bitcoin technologies are both beneficial, they are nonetheless often confused with one another. In addition, this article distinguishes between the two with the help of the smart contract's development highlights the potential advantages of blockchain technology. While several research have focused on how blockchain can be used in specific contexts, neither the technology nor its potential uses have been systematically surveyed. We undertake an extensive assessment of blockchain technology, architecture, analyzes blockchain applications, technical problems to address this knowledge gap.