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Safety Management System in Pune Metro Rail Projects | Original Article

Mayank Gupta*, D. B. Jasutkar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The construction industry continues to grow as the demand for infrastructure, homes, and office spaces grows by the day. Since the construction industry is so dynamic, it is vulnerable to a range of health risks. As a result, protection is a top priority in the construction sector to ensure a healthy working environment. Safety experts have determined that risky behaviours cause the majority of workplace injuries, and that controlling these behaviours is one of the keys to effective accident prevention and a low accident rate on construction sites. Safety in construction industry is much more important. This review paper is about to increase safety in the building industry performance. The study's primarily is to define the critical success factors that affect the implementation of construction safety management. This review paper is to recognize and solve major problems in the infrastructure sector with various solutions related to work situations that affect project safety performance. Due to lake of knowledge and awareness large number of people’s deaths and long-term injuries occurs. in order to reduce and control construction worker health and safety. The construction industry has the largest number of injuries compared to other industries. Thus, reducing accidents and determining construction risks are extremely important. One of the essential steps for construction safety management is hazard identification, since the most unmanageable risks are from unidentified hazards Pune metro project is the key project for city the accident at going site may causes the break in progress of work ultimately it casues the increases the duration of project as well as cost of projects .The various safety and control measures of accidents in Pune Metro projects will outlined in this project in order to mitigate accidents