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Analysis the Integrated Approach of Construction Management in India’s Smallest Diameter Sewer Tunnel | Original Article

Ms. Dhamanaskar Pranali Pratap*, U. J. Phatak, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


India has a large population and is the world's second most populous nation, behind China. As a result, the nation has a strong need for infrastructure. Infrastructure has been developed, but unfortunately there is a lack of policy and foresight. Any government's long-term goal for the economy and its citizens must be reflected in its infrastructure development policies. In particular, sustainability was not a priority throughout the building of necessary infrastructure. This initiative looks at how India may build its infrastructure more sustainably. The drivers and constraints of sustainable infrastructure development are also discussed in this chapter. There has been a little shift in recent years toward environmentally responsible building practices in India. The government's latest plans strongly suggest a dramatic change in direction toward sustainability. The government is placing a greater emphasis on sustainable infrastructure activity. Modern construction management is the art of planning, organizing, and controlling all aspects of a construction project to ensure that it is completed on time, within budget, and to everyone's satisfaction. Based on the results of this research, the Indian construction sector now has to use Construction Management Techniques in order to build India's smallest diameter sewer tunnel.