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Application of Geo-Physical Survey in Structural audit of Dams in Maharashtra | Original Article

Rita Barman*, V. D. Jaysingpure, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Stability and integrity of any dam structure is always of great concern since any possible damage in the structure can affect its operational capabilities and may pose risk to the life and property at downstream of the dam at the time of failure, besides causing huge economic loss. Dam safety is considered an inherent function in the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of dams. In spite of taking due care in planning, design and execution stages many of such dams have shown signs of distress. It has been recognized worldwide that dam safety aspects, particularly of the existing dams, are not receiving adequate attention even as the number of oldexisting dams are aging. One of the important aspects of this safety is to assess the nature of likely damage if the proposed dam fails. Lessons from the past have taught us the fact that dams with a perfectly safe design some fifty or hundred years ago are not safe anymore with present dam safety standards. Majority of the present dams therefore need a thorough inspection and subsequent rehabilitation measures, as they have been constructed a century back and gradual wearing of material properties inclusive of some structural distresses of the dams must have taken place during passage of time. To assess the health of the dam, application of Geo-physical survey method found to be reliable and powerful tools for Geo-technical Investigation. They cover the whole range of soils and rocks, independently of particle size, and provide data in the natural state for the characterization at different scales. Assessment of the reliability of the most popular techniques is therefore of primary importance for static and seismic applications. This is also considered to provide an insight on the consequences in the practice of geotechnical engineering.