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Application of Demolished Construction Waste for Manufacturing of Paver Block and its study after Implementation on Site | Original Article

Sonawane Kundan Kumar J.*, U. J. Phatak, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Rapid population growth and fast urbanization, the construction activity also increased. In India, with fast growing constructions, the natural resources are Becoming inadequate to fulfill the needs of construction. Materials like natural sand, coarse aggregate natural available goo clay for bricks have become scarce, resulting in increase in masonry work, concrete work, and overall construction cost. Also, prices of cement, the main binding material, is going in increasing day by day. Interlocking concrete paver blocks by using demolished concrete waste are the new approach for paver construction work with advantageous like good appearance, less motor , no need of finishing and more effective bond they can be more advantageous than conventional paver blocks . In this report, an attempt is made to study the various aspects of interlocking concrete paver blocks by using demolished concrete waste or material. Also, emphasis Is given on the eco-friendly of greenery approach for interlocking concrete paver block.