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A Study on Earthworm and Microbe in the Detoxification of Metal Pollutants | Original Article

Shradha Armo*, Noorin Zafar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Soil pollution is a major global problem. Rapid industrialization has resulted in a major rise in soil contamination caused by organic pollutants and heavy metals, among others. The soil takes up a wide range of toxins that are discharged into the environment. Industrial emissions and wastes, fertilizers and coal combustion residues, sewage and pesticides, and mine tailings are all potential sources of heavy metals in soil. Due to characteristics such as rapid production rates via human activities and difficulty to keep heavy metals in a confined space, there is a larger risk of direct and unintentional exposure. The role of earthworms and microbes in the removal of metal contaminants is investigated in this publication.