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A Detailed Study for Feasibility Analysis of Precast Super Structure in Infrastructure Projects…(A Review) | Review Article

Savant Pratik Anilkumar*, S. B. Kadam, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


India is a growing nation, and at the moment, its economy is mostly dependent on agriculture and the building industry. A nation's infrastructure must be developed if its industries and overall economy are to expand. Analysis of the infrastructure sector's development bottleneck is essential given the future's predicted increased urbanisation. In order to meet the needs of the client, work or construction must be completed in the 21st century in the shortest amount of time feasible while maintaining high quality. Precast concrete and construction are crucial for quick building because they meet the needs of the client for high quality work in a short amount of time. Precast concrete construction (PCC) technique is only used in infrastructure projects including bridges, monorails, and metro systems. etc.. Metro projects are large-scale public initiatives, thus their prompt completion is crucial from both an economic and convenience perspective. Elevated lines are the preferred option for metro corridors due to cost economics from a land availability perspective, these corridors are often constructed along the main metropolitan roadways. Traffic flow inside the construction zone is restricted due to Metro construction, making the selection of an appropriate construction approach more relevant and crucial under these circumstances. In-situ construction necessitates extensive lengths of traffic detours or restrictions because metro projects are often linear in form. Cast-in-situ process adds to public annoyance since it needs more time and space. Additionally, cast-in-situ technology is not a favoured choice in terms of the environment. As a result, using precast materials as much as possible in elevated metro projects in cities becomes the obvious choice. This paper focuses on importance of Precast Technology In Infrastructure Projects in metro city.