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Wastewater Treatment Using Constructed Wetland | Review Article

Sunny Pathak*, B. L. Jagetiya, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Municipal wastewater, wastewater from petroleum refineries, agricultural drainage, acid mine drainage, etc. have all benefited from the use of constructed wetlands (CW), an ecologically benign method for purging pollutants from wastewater. The science of microbiology has expanded at an astounding rate during the last decade. Focusing on developments in the previous three decades, this paper provides a comprehensive assessment of important facets of CW, including its many forms, the contaminants their removal mechanisms, degradation routes, difficulties, possibilities, materials, applications, and theory. Key unresolved issues in CW have also been framed in an effort to both foresee and enable future progress in the area of CW. The rapidly expanding CW sector will benefit from these guidelines, which have been created via the standardization of essential design components. In an attempt to standardize the rapidly expanding CW community, this study summarizes the present state of the art of CW technology assessment and offers definitions performance metric terminology.