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Effectiveness and Potential of E- Commerce in Rural area of Sonipat | Original Article

Rahul Singh*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


E-commerce is increasingly playing a significant role in India's economy. This essay aims to demonstrate the current state trend of e-commerce in India's rural areas. Information for this study was gathered from secondary sources, such as articles, journals, books, newspapers, etc., that were written in the relevant fields. The study looks at the rising investment in rural e-commerce and how consumers can benefit from online shopping by having access to more options, reduced prices, and time savings. Online businesses use computer networks internet to manage the buying and selling of labor goods.This essay makes an effort to highlight the numerous challenges faced by E-trade in India, appreciate the essential development components required for E-business, and convey the country's prosperity retail E-Commerce commerce. Digital progress is evident in the rise in internet mobile users, but it is unclear how the government online merchants will turn this into productive internet utilization that boosts the economy. A few suggestions were made in this research study to address the problems, challenges, and barriers to the growth development of e-commerce in rural and distant areas.