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Cloud Computing for Secured Communication | Original Article

Ghanshyam Shivcharan Nikhade*, Tryambak Hiwarkar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Nowadays, group oriented applications such as video-conferencing, TV over internet, Video on demand and e-learning has been developed which acquire multicast communication. Support for multicasting in apps means the data may be sent to a larger audience. The group's members must have safe and simple means of communicating with one another. Encrypting the message before sending it out to the whole team is a must if you care about data security. A secret or group key must be shared amongst the group members in order to encrypt and decode the material. Members of the group who have been given the group key are the only ones who can read the encrypted material. In recent years, cloud computing has evolved as a viable platform for multicast data sharing across a community of users. Since a third company is responsible for protecting your data on the cloud, data security is another major obstacle. However, a secret key must be produced and sent securely to cloud users when sharing the data with a group of people.