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Selective Investment Avenues of Individual Investors in Financial Market | Original Article

Manjusha Kulkarni*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Individual investors in Tiruchirappalli may choose from a wide range of possibilities when it comes to making investments. The ease with which an investment may be turned into cash is referred to as its liquidity. It is common for investors to look at Return, which is the potential return that is attainable through investment Risk, which is the variability in returns resulting from value changes or market fluctuations or Return, which is the potential return that may be achieved via investment. Investing decisions are based on a person's personal choices for risk, return potential, and the ability to access funds at any given time. It is clear from the study results that age and education do have a role in the investing decisions of people in the capital markets. In order to find the best investment possibilities in India, this study examines the patterns of behaviour of investors. Planned to help an investor pick the finest possible investment portfolio to help them achieve their financial goals in a certain length of time, an investment strategy is designed The term investment strategy refers to this approach. Investing may contribute to a better overall economy and prosperity by enhancing the wealth of individual citizens. Businesses might benefit from investing in circumstances where they can raise money via the financial markets. In certain cases, the investor, the company, and even society as a whole might benefit from various types of investments. A basic understanding of portfolio allotments and the possibility for profit or loss is common knowledge among Indian investors.