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Role of Dashmool Tail Nasya and a combination of Herbo-Mineral Drugs in the management of Ardhavbhedak W.S.R. to Migraine- A Clinical Study | Original Article

Urja Singh*, Akhilesh Shrivastava, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Headache is the most common health problem experienced by mankind in the present scenario. There is a high percentage of people suffering from migraine of individuals worldwide. Migraine is usually a moderate or severe headache felt as a throbbing pain on one side of the head and most of the time it includes nausea and vomiting along with increased sensitivity to light or sound, which resembles the classical symptoms of Ardhavbhedak which is one among the 11 types of Shirorogas as mentioned in Ayurvedicclassical texts.Acharya Sushruthas quotedArdhavbhedakTridoshaj, Acharya Charak has mentioned it asVata Kaphajand Acharya Vagbhatthas considered itVataj. The present study deals with the enrolment of 12 patients as per the inclusion criteria of migraine who were treated with Dashmool Tail Nasya along with a combination of Shira Shooladi Vajra Rasa 250 mg, Laghu Soot Shekhar Rasa250 mg, and Godanti Bhasma500 mg BD with honey for 30 days and were keenly assessed before treatment, after 15 days (follow-up) and after the treatment. Marked improvement was observed in most of the patients with subsidisation of associated symptoms as well.