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Systematic Review of Performance Mental Skills Training Using Techniques from Sport Psychology in Health Professions Education | Original Article

Bipin Kumar Patra*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Because of the high standards placed on them, health professionals are often put under a great deal of stress that may have a negative effect on their ability to provide excellent care in a variety of challenging clinical settings. The field of sport psychology is increasingly incorporating the usage of performance mental skills (PMS) into its curriculum, particularly in the lead-up to and during competition. The 20 studies that were reviewed all found that PMST has the potential to boost performance, particularly in simulated environments. The major elements of the implementation were a face-to-face group lesson presented by a trainer with expertise with PMS, and the use of a multimodal approach using a number of different PMS. 5 lessons, each lasting a mean of 57 minutes, with individualised instructor guidance, PMS practise, and an emphasis on portability. Despite the potential value of the review's key implementation components as a guide for future PMST, further study is needed to fill in the gaps in our understanding of the effectiveness of PMST and its primary implementation components, particularly in practical settings.