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Combine Effect of Tribal Black Tablet and Tribal Black Hair Oil in the Management of Khalitya (Hair Fall) open level Randomized Clinical Trial | Original Article

Akhilesh Shrivastava*, Nagendra Singh Raghuwanshi, Pradeep Kumar Madhur, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Hair fall has been emerging as a global issue during past few decades. It is although a health issue but affects the cosmetic appearance of individuals. The natural crown that enhances the adorning appearance of the people especially the teenagers and young adults, “Hair” has been lost by few individuals due to various life style disturbances. According to Ayurveda vitiation of Vata and Pitta Dosha leads to Khalitya which has been closely related with Hair fall. Ayurveda classics have offered efficacious herbs that correct this annoyance caused due to hair fall. One such combination has been prepared by combination of some wonderful herbs Tribal Black Tablet and Tribal Black Hair Oil for curing Hair fall. Thirty patients were enrolled and oral consumption of Tribal Black Tablet along with application Tribal Black Hair Oil was administered for thirty days. The patients were also advised to avoid oily and spicy diet, the results were observed according to the subjective, objective criteria and observations by patient themselves. The results were markedly significant with improvement of their hair texture as well. Patients were highly satisfied by the improvement in their hair quality and the results regarding hair fall and re-growth of lost hairs