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Effects of Strength Training and Aquatherapy on the Rehabilitation of ACL Injury | Original Article

Suresh Babu Nannapaneni*, Sudhakara Babu Mande, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The aim of this study was to find out the effect of strength training and aqua therapy in the rehabilitation of ACL injury. To achieve the purpose of this study, the investigator selected 60 sportsmen who were treated for ACL injuries in Andhra Pradesh. Their age between 18 and 28 years. the investigator considered for this study as ACL injuries, which occurs in knee due to other major ligaments and dependent variables, flexibility measured through sit and reach and half squat were selected. The subjects (n=60) were randomly assigned to three equal groups of twenty in each. The groups were assigned as Experimental Groups I, II and control group respectively. Pre tests were conducted for all the subjects on selected criterion variables, flexibility and half squat using standard tests. The experimental groups participated in their respective experimental treatments for four weeks while control group was not. Immediately after the completion of the experimental period the criterion variables were measured and the post test scores obtained. The difference between the pre and post test scores on each variable was considered as the effect of respective treatments. To find out the statistical significance, ANCOVA was employed. The results showed that there was significant improvement due to strength and aqua therapy exercises among the ACL injured. The paired adjusted mean comparisons between the groups proved that strength training and aqua therapy were equally good in improving flexibility than control group while strength training was found to be significantly better than aqua therapy and control group in improving half squat test. Hence it was concluded that strength training stretches and aqua therapy would be significantly contributing to improve ACL injured in the process of their rehabilitation.