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Effect of Swiss Ball Training Core Board Training and Resistance Tube Training to Improve the Leg Strength among the College Football Players | Original Article

G. P. Raju*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Champions in the field of sports are born and then groomed in later life. The aim of this study was to find out the effect of swiss ball training, core board training and resistance tube training to improve the leg strength among the college football players. Randomly selected 60 intercollegiate level football players were randomly divided into four group consisting of 15 players in each group. Group I was assigned to undergo swiss ball training, Group II to undergo core training, Group III to undergo resistance training for 8 weeks and the fourth group was control group, which did not underwent any training Prior to experimental treatment, all the subjects were measured of their leg strength through standing broad jump, which formed pre test scores. The experimental group I underwent swiss ball training consists of Transverse Abdominous Exercise on Swiss Ball, Reverse Bride on Swiss Ball, Back Extension on the Ball, Abdominal Curl Rotation, Abdominal Curl on Ball, Superman Exercise on Swiss Ball, Back Extension on the Ball, Side Plank with Knee Rotation, The experimental group II underwent core board training consists of Plank with hands on Core Board, Reverse Plank with hands on Core Board, Rocking in Quadruped, Push ups on Core Board, Kneeling Hings, The experimental group III underwent resistance tube training consisting of Partner Tubbing Assisted Acceleration Drill, Towed Running (Pullying), Partner Resisted start. The experimental period was for 8 weeks and immediately completing the experimental period, the subjects were measured of their leg strength, which formed post test scores. Control group was not given any specific treatment. The initial and final means were compared to test significance through Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) RESULTS The obtained F values on the scores of pre test means and post test means were less than the required table value. The adjusted means were determined and analysis of covariance was done and the obtained F value 633.6 was greater than the required F value and found that the swiss ball exercises, core board exercises and resistance tube training were significantly improved the leg strength of the football players. The paired adjusted means proved from that resistance tube training was superior in improving leg strength followed by core board exercises and then by swiss ball exercises compared to control group. The comparisons between the experimental groups proved that resistance training was significantly better than core board training and swiss ball training in improving leg strength of the intercollegiate level football players.It was concluded that even through all the three experimental treatments were improved leg strength of football players, resistance training was found to be superior which can be included in the training schedule for football players.