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Suryanamaskar Program on Core Fitness of Inter-School Kickboxing Players | Original Article

Mahesh M. Girhamkar*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The purpose of this study was to examine the “Suryanamaskar program on core fitness of interschool kickboxing players”. Experimental design was used for this study to check the hypothesis this research was based on pre-test post- test non equivalent groups design. The present research whole sample a total number of 24 boys inter-school kickboxing players those represent the Ahmednagar district to State National level were selected who had failed into three to six test items on the basis of purposively method of sampling technique from kickboxing district sports association and clubs of Ahmednagar. The study was selected the variables of core strength Kraus-Weber’s minimum muscular fitness test consist of six items which indicate the level of muscular strength and flexibility of key muscle group. The researcher gathered the subjects and given to them instruction about the importance about study and explain Suryanamaskar program Kraus - Weber tests. The implemented pre-test by Kraus -Weber minimum muscular fitness tests and six weeks Suryanamaskar program which was given five days in a week was manipulated only on experimental group not control group. After Suryanamaskar program both group’s i.e, experimental and control groups, were post tested for data collection. The researcher concluded that six weeks Suryanamaskar program was significantly effective on core fitness improved of inter-school kickboxing players which indicate the level of muscular strength and flexibility of key-muscle groups and also the findings of this study may be helpful to the inter-school kickboxing players to doing regular practice of Suryanamaskar to improve their health and fitness.