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An analytical approach to study the role of adani group of companies in socio -economic development of Jharkhand | Original Article

Vijay Kumar*, Om Prakash Mehta, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


CSR orientation refers to Carroll's (Carroll Shabana 2010) standard CSR programme orientation process, which is structured in the form of a pyramid and consists of physical, legal, ethical, and charitable requirements. Economic responsibility, the pyramid's cornerstone, is the organization's key function as regarded by all stakeholders in society. Judicial responsibility, which extends beyond economic duty, guarantees that businesses carry out their legal obligations in accordance with national laws and regulations. The company's planned operations are subject to ethical responsibility, which is at the top of both legal and economic requirements. The highest level of responsibility, philanthropic accountability, includes the firm's behaviour in responding to the ambitions of good corporate citizens of community. This study includes the CSR orientation because it is crucial in assessing the knowledge of school instructors engaging in CSR programmes, and it determines the feasibility of CSR programmes in the education area.this study tries To gain an understanding of how the Adani group has acted responsibly toward all of its stakeholders to learn more about the activities, programmes, and strategies that the company has established, formulated, and put into action in order to improve educational opportunities for the general populace.