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Comparison of the Quality of life for People with and without Disabilities in Saudi Arabia who use Lower Limb Prosthetics or Orthoses | Original Article

Abdullah Sunaid Alsunaid*, Ibrahim Naif Al Otaibi, Fatima Mughayed Muslim Al-Enezi, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The purpose of this study is to determine how people in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, feel about prosthetic patients and how much the community accepts them. People who have lost a physical limb due to trauma, disease (such as gangrene), or congenital disorders are able to function and face life as normal humans with the help of prostheses, which are devices called prosthetics. It is common knowledge that prostheses help people with special needs adjust to their environment and enjoy a higher quality of life. Even though this makes sense, the way the community sees and accepts prostheses has not been fully studied because people with prostheses can't take part. In addition, we discovered that the majority of participants have a negative attitude towards those who have prostheses. reasons that were not investigated since there were no significant variations in age, gender, or educational status that might perhaps account for the low percentage of acceptance.