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Causes & Effects of Mental Depression among Science Students at Higher Secondary Level | Original Article

Pooja Shrivastava*, Kalpana Sengar, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


One of the most important stages of life is adolescence, and since it is so important we should focus our efforts to solve the challenging conditions like mental depression, anxiety and stress. It is not that simple on an account of the multi-factorial changes that are taking place in that period such as biological, physiological and psychological. Psychiatric disorders in this period are a major public health concern because of their impact on the life in almost every aspect from poor academic performance, substance abuse to the suicide attempts because adolescence is really a stage of changes in body and behaviour that may affect mental health to such extent that one can end up his or her life. We found that only few studies have been done to know the causes of mental depression and anxiety in adolescence as well as among the science students at school level and specifically on the mental depression among science students at Higher Secondary Level in this vying world where every second one has to face competition for marks to get what one has desired. This article is based on the major causes of mental depression among science students only and will suggest or recommend avoiding such conditions from where the journey of mental depression begins and will affect the academic performance badly.