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Practices of Total Quality Management in the Manufacturing Industries | Original Article

Mangesh Prakash Wachasundar*, Surendra Kumar Bhogal, Vibhuti Save, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Total quality management (TQM) techniques are the best alternatives for businesses and their workers to conduct all major corporation procedures. In the industrial and service industries, these procedures improve company outcomes. Service organizations have used total quality management (TQM) as an efficient management strategy to raise the caliber of their services during the past 20 years. As they concentrate on quality and associated issues, they have started to demonstrate a strong interest in TQM. TQM has drawn a lot of interest from scholars, managers, and practitioners because of its significant effects on profitability, customer happiness, and business success. In light of this, an effort has been made to research and comprehend TQM theory and idea, as well as its advantages and varied service component characteristics and categorization. The literature on TQM adoption in certain service industries is also examined in this study. The current study focuses on the core concepts of total quality management, including its history, structure, economic importance, goals, relationships with other areas like quality and performance, manufacturing, the pharmaceutical sector, etc., as well as its shortcomings.