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Development and architecture of Customer Relationship Management on Predictive Analytics in Smart Utilities Based | Original Article

Jyoti Prakash Rath*, J. Halder, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The study's scope is restricted with regard to the topics that are covered, the locations that are covered, and the analyses that are covered. Given that the researcher's focus was on customer relationship management, which is just one aspect of the marketing process, the topical scope of the study was therefore constrained. Again, concentrating on a few of the numerous units that make up organisations in an area couldn't disclose any more details about the research. The research is focused on the Smart Utilities based on Predictive Analytics, and because the consumers of the business are dispersed in the various areas, the geographical scope of the study is restricted because of this. Another constraint of the study is its geographical or regional scope. There is also an analytical restriction to the research, which is that the proposed customer engagement methods are only supplied when the emphasis is focused on the predefined goals. It was also observed that customer relationship management is the most neglected activity in many organizations, which should be given prime attention to meet the contemporary challenges in Smart Utilities based on Predictive Analytics. Therefore the need is to make in-depth study of how the relationship aspect will affect the growth profitability for the firms to what extent this requires an in-depth study of the subject entitled with intention to make a comprehensive study of customer relationship management in Smart Utilities based on Predictive Analytics.