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Comprehensive Framework for Customer Relationship Management in Smart Utilities Based On Predictive Analytics | Original Article

Jyoti Prakash Rath*, J. Halder, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Within the broad framework of marketing, Customer Relationship Management is the most important the upcoming interesting area one concerned with understanding how relationships acts in retaining customer loyalty. During the informal discussions with concerned authorities of organizations in western Maharashtra, it was brought to the notice of researcher by them that there is keen need of studying customer relationship management. Many of them rightly noted their experience with regard to difficulties being faced by them while tackling the customers holding them for long term in the competitive environment. It was also observed that customer relationship management is the most neglected activity in many organizations, which should be given prime attention to meet the contemporary challenges in Smart Utilities based on Predictive Analytics. Therefore the need is to make in-depth study of how the relationship aspect will affect the growth profitability for the firms to what extent this requires an indepth study of the subject entitled with intention to make a comprehensive study of customer relationship management in Smart Utilities based on Predictive Analytics