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Study of Application of ERP in Construction Project | Original Article

Pradip Paul*, Ganesh Jarad, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The Indian economy still adheres to the primitive work pattern that results in low productivity bad resource management poor waste management worse quality excessive power consumption budget overruns time extensions among other issues Even if the aforementioned challenges need significant thinking effort more focus must be placed on innovative project management practises to ensure that the Indian development narrative does not stop abruptly This study is centred on the merger of Lean sustainable building for residential development with a triple bottom line perspective i e environmental social and economic Literature demonstrates the confluence of Lean and Sustainability management ideas their relationship areas A proposed model for the combination of Lean and Sustainability methods to improves the productivity of residential development taking into account the triple bottom line is presented The present research also evaluates the impact of the deployment of various tools in residential projects based on a conceptual framework The application of these methods has resulted in good impacts on all three facets of sustainable Social economic environmental Practitioners are interested in this work because they may build on this research to adopt these methods which can eventually lead to an improvement in environmental social economic performance.