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Selection of Ground Improvement Technique for Adjoining Structure near Costal Area | Original Article

Mahamud Mubarak Shaikh*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Every Civil engineering project have its own unique characteristics. The success of project based on Good returns in less financial investment. The engineer must take a determination on how best to achieve the desired goals required by providing a workable solution for each project encountered. If any stage ground Improvement required, it would not be impact any negative. Ground improvement shall help positively to make success of project. The results of any ground improvement technique shall be give required safe stable ground, minimum financial impact, less time period and no disturbance to existing establishment, not additional material need to procure etc. The Marine soil or Soft soil present in approximately 19 hector area near Haji Ali stretch. The main 8 arm interchange are coming in same part. There for heavy foundation required stable ground at least 20.00 Tm2 bearing capacity. The required bearing capacity can’t achieve in such critical area. Hence ground improvement required. After improvement technic mentioning required to confirm the settlement. study the various construction method adopting for improve the soil or ground. Every method had it’s own pros and cons, which will help to decide the most suitable method for problematic soil to improve its capacity. So it can be available to carry each type of civil engineering structures. Selection of method based on situation and required results, here are taken case study of Coastal road project. Project duration and economy also main factor affecting on selection