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An Investigation into the Barriers to Implementation of Automation on Construction Site | Original Article

Tapasya A. Nikam*, Shraddha S. Bendsure, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Automation and robotics is now widely used in India in different sectors fields however the construction industry which is an indicator of development of the nation still lacks behind in using the advance technologies. The extent of automation in construction is quite low in comparison with the current technologies. There is increasing demand on implementing automation in the construction activities. Automation increases the quality of work as compared to unskilled workers, it increases the productivity of the construction project and also safety, it reduces the time required for the project. The significance of automation in construction has grown rapidly in developed countries. In India, the construction industries need different technologies such as new machineries, electronic devices, the automation of road, tunnel, and bridge construction earthwork, etc. As the construction industry is labour intensive it requires more number of skilled labor, good quality of work, and increase in productivity etc. There are several problems associated with construction work such as low quality of work, shortage of labour and safety of labor etc. which can be overcome by automation technologies. This paper shows the current scenario of automation in the construction industry, barriers in its implementation, overcome statement and its benefits.