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Concept and Evolution of Cognitive Psychology | Original Article

Arvinder Kaur Saluja*, (Dr.) C. K. Shah, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology whereby scientists are motivated to study the underlying mechanisms of the higher mental processes in human beings. Therefore, to other disciplines, cognitive scientists are interested in understanding human perception, decision-making, attention, problem-solving, thinking, and the development of speech among other mental processes. On the other hand, the term cognition is derived from ‘cognosco’, which in Latin translates to making decisions, discovering, learning, investigating, studying, or recognizing. However, cognition has been defined by most scientists as the processes involved in transforming, reducing, elaborating, storing, recovering, and using the sensory signal (input). Generally, cognitive psychology is focused on understanding the mental processes of acquiring, processing, and storing information in human beings (Ruisel, 2010, p. 268).This research paper discuss the concept of cognitive psychology and its concept as it greatly affects the learning power of the human being and play a vital role in educational institutions for the growth of students while effective learning processes