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A Study of Pyrimidines and Related Heterocycles’ Biological and Therapeutic Relevance | Original Article

Mukta Sharma*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Fusion of the pyrimidine moiety with heterocycle scaffolds creates a novel class of hybrid heterocycles that are more active than their predecessors. Pharmacological and biological activity is seen in heterocycles with sulphur and nitrogen in the core structure. In the last decade, numerous fused pyrimidines such purines, pteridines and quinazolines, pyridopyrimidines, triazolopyrimidines, pyrazolopyrimidines, pyrimidoazepines, furopyrimidines and pyrrolopyrimidines have been examined and discovered to have exceptional pharmacological effects. Compounds with a fused Pyrimidine nucleus exhibit a wide range of biological and therapeutic effects, as discussed in this article.