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A Study of Brain Tissue Images Segmentation of MRI | Original Article

Dhyanendra Jain*, P. K. Bharti, Prashant Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The brain's tissues are imaged crisply and precisely using nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. This technique is often used to diagnose and treat mental illnesses. Memory, cognition, consciousness, and language are all influenced by these tissues. Computer-assisted physicians can improve the efficiency of segmenting the grey and white matter of a brain MRI with the expanding usage of image-aided medical diagnosis. Depending on the picture weighting and signal intensities used, MR imaging images may appear in a variety of grayscales. The tissues of the brain are among the most complex in the human body, and a radiologist must examine and analyze them thoroughly in order to uncover underlying disorders. A regular MR scanner may be able to provide brain images with delimited tissues. In a clinical MRI scanner, individual segmentation and identification of the tumor-infected region in the brain is very difficult to perform. This work presents automated algorithms capable of both tumour identification and tissue segmentation operations for this purpose.