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A Study on Quantum Computing and the Risk to Security | Original Article

Archana Kumari*, Yashpal Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Security is a significant part of any organization, yet specifically to portable adhoc networks. The remote networks are potential for hacking using cell phones. There is no reasonable line of safeguard for protecting the portable networks. The improvement of the Mobile Application Security System which utilizes a layered security approach and solid cryptographic methods is viewed as an attainable and minimal expense answer for ensure these application-based remote networks. Finally, another idea in cryptographic security known as Quantum Encryption, which utilizes quantum variances of laser light at the actual layer introduced into existing networks. It empowers super secure communications and close to consummate security. Quantum cryptography was used to first proposed at Stephen Weisner through quite the while work Form Coding in the mid-1970s. Form coding is an augmentation of Random number generator.