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Role of Technology in Developing Indian Print Industry | Original Article

Sachin .*, Vijay D. Kulkarni, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Three-dimensional (3D) printing enables patient-specific anatomical level productions with high adjustability and resolution in microstructures. With cost-effective manufacturing for high productivity, 3D printing has become a leading healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing technology, which is suitable for variety of applications including tissue engineering models, anatomical models, pharmacological design and validation model, medical apparatus and instruments. Construction industry is very labor-intensive and one of the major sources of employment in the world. The industry is experiencing low productivity with minimum technological innovations for decades. In recent times, various automation technologies including 3D printing have received increasing interests in construction. 3D printing in construction is found to be very promising to automate the construction processes and have the potential of saving laborious work, material waste, construction time, risky operation for humans, etc. There has been a comprehensive body of research conducted to understand the recent advances, future prospects and challenges of large-scale adoption of 3D printing in construction projects.