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Contribution of Green Home Appliances in the Green Economy | Original Article

Chidanand G. Byahatti*, Sanjay S. Hanagandi, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Environmental deterioration achieved by customers' non-practical usage design is squeezing the climate and is deterring manageable turn of events. To ruin this effect and animate a more feasible economic development, one arrangement is to diminish or move use designs from traditional items to eco-friendly items. The creators directed an audit investigation of green buy conduct research across the 6-year period from 2015 to 2021, distinguishing 108 examinations that met our incorporation rules. The current survey recognizes distinctive unavoidable facilitators, intentions, and snags affecting customers' dynamic cycle towards environmentally friendly items, and it gives likely explanations for logical inconsistencies found in green buy conduct (GPB). The paper uncovers the fundamental determinants of purchaser's GPB, and in light of the survey, 212 factors that influence green buy aim (GPI) were distinguished. In addition, 135 determinants that influence GPB were recorded. Thusly, other than adding to the writing, it will help policymakers in detailing and utilizing techniques to convince eco-friendly buying, and it will offer a chance for advertisers to create appropriate promoting systems for attracting customers and ensuring ideal deals.